The 4 Webcomics That Will Instantly Inspire You to Try Out Scrollable Storytelling

Scrollable Comics Embrace Being Published Online

You are an independet comic artist. You have drawn your own comics; panel by panel, page by page. You post your pages onto your website; page by page, click by click. 

But there is so much white space around it, you think. You wonder about this potentionally infinite canvas that is the webpage. You start to imagine a story that unfolds by scrolling vertically or horizontally. 

Let´s take a look at what that might look like. I have picked out the 4 webcomics that inspired me to create my own scrollable webcomic.

1. Out of Skin by Emily Carroll

This story is beautifully dark. Only fitting to find the background for the comic to be black. Carroll´s perfectly placed text pulls you down the page and into the woods. She lets water and blood run down the canvas and trees growing beyond panel borders.   

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2. The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske

Lieske´s Wormworld Saga is massive. He started uploading back in 2010, and today you can enjoy the first 7 chapters and read it in 28 languages. The pages are lushly painted. I found myself lingering on the bigger panels, taking in the atmosphere of summer vacation and imaginary worlds.  

3. Hobo Lobo of Hamelin by Stevan Zivadinovic

This comic is super fun as it scrolls horizontally and uses parallax. If you still have some work to get done today, you might want to save this gem for later. You will find yourself sliding back and forth again and again. As if parallax wasn´t enough, he incorporates small animations here and there.

4. How Much Pour Ce Chien In The Window by Oriane Lassus

I must admit that my French isn´t the best. But even without understanding every word, this is a cake of inspiration! If you are into sketchbook stories Lassus´ blog is for you. 

Over to you ...

Let your art spill over the endless canvas, play with infinity and create stories that work like magnets, pulling the reader deeper down the page. The possibilities are endless! 

I am excited to see what is yet to come. 

How about you?